Valentine's Day: small gestures that mean a lot
Valentine's Day: small gestures that mean a lot
V-day is the perfect occasion to express your love with a little attention. And it’s just around the corner. For most, finding a gift that is original and truly appreciated might be a bit of a challenge. We are here to help you. We did our homework so you don’t have to. We hope you feel inspired by this blog. We have selected some perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for you to buy for your lover or that special someone. But there is so much more! Browse around in the webshop or visit our store. We’re happy to help you.
But first: what makes a good Valentine’s Day present?
Chocolate, flowers, breakfast in bed: just three examples of can’t-go-wrong Valentine’s Day presents. But are they truly what you’d like to give? And are they truly what makes your lover or crush catch those special V-day feels? Perhaps. But perhaps you are looking for something a bit more special, a bit more personal. That’s what we are for. And the good news is: it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Take a look at some items below that we’ve selected for the international day of love. You’re guaranteed to steal that someone’s heart (again).
Jewelry: makes everyone happy!
With all the different styles, shapes, and materials we have in store, you cannot go wrong! 
Pro tip: first, remember to check if your partner prefers wearing gold or silver ;) Thank us later! Jewelry always makes for a great gift. The right pieces are made to be cherished for many, many years.
A pair of sunglasses: for him or her!
Stylish, timeless, with 400UV protection, and for both men and women! 
A unique and affordable gift. …Actually, what about buying matching pairs for you and your lover?!
And because words do (sometimes) speak louder than actions….
How about expressing your love through writing? Whether you want a nice addition to your present or are looking for an immaterial gift, we guarantee a beautiful smile when your lover sees what you wrote on a beautiful V-Day card. A gift they will keep forever! It’s often in the little things.
Need help for the 14th? 
We love Valentines Day and we love original, thoughtful little presents. We could write on and on, but we don’t want to overwhelm you! In the end, you know best what suits your partner or crush. With hundreds of special items to choose from, we’re positive that you too will find the perfect item for them. And if you need a little help: we’re here for you. We love to assist you in finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Online or in our store.
February 08, 2024 — Pita Spriensma